Learning in research

Research is an essential part of the training of residents and in our Teaching Unit it plays a fundamental role that strengthens from the Research Unit.


Residents of the Teaching Unit ACEBA participate in the Research Unit EAP Sardenya, attached to the Institut de Sant Pau Biomedical Research


Learning in research is a continuous process that begins at the first stage R1, in consultation, asking clinical questions that arise before each patient. The tutor encourages bibliographic search, scientific reading and resident participation in research projects of the center.


During the third and fourth years, R3-R4, the rotation is proposed in the Research Unit for one month, where the team consisting of an epidemiologist, an expert in biostatistics and a nurse act as health technicians, supervised by the head of Unity, Dr. Carles Brotons.


The health technician accompanies the entire residence of the resident in the design of his studies and supervision of research tasks. 


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