Multi Teaching Unit

Teaching Unit of Self-managed Primary Care Teams in Catalonia


Teaching Unit ACEBA was born as a Teaching Unit of Self-managed Primary Care Teams in Catalonia, in response to the initiatives and educational interests of its members.

The Catalan Association of Self-managed Primary Care Centers (ACEBA), brings together twelve teams offering self-managed primary care public health care to 250,000 people in Catalonia.

At present, however, part of the Teaching Unit ACEBA (UDACEBA) both self-managed centers (Vic EAP, EAP Sardenya and EAP Dreta Eixample) as another form of management centers (EAP Sagrada Familia), being the common bond interest and motivation in the training of specialists in medicine and nursing.


  • Consolidation in the specialty of Family Medicine and Community

TUACEBA was born in 2005 to train doctors in the specialty of Family Medicine and Community. The main objective of the Teaching Unit is to train health professionals in the field of primary care. This training is oriented towards excellence in order to consolidate professional profile and clinical research experts in Self-managed Primary Care.


  • Accreditation for training in the specialty of Family and Community Nursing Care

TUACEBA was accredited by the Ministry of Health for the teaching of Family and Community Nursing Service in 2012, becoming a multi Teaching Unit. Its main objective is to provide quality training in clinical profiles, research and teaching to enable the specialist nurse to reach full development of their profession within a stimulating and exciting environment.

  • AP training in different medical specialties

We offer training in primary care in different specialties: internal medicine, preventive medicine, pediatrics, pharmacology and nursing. Training courses are held in our self-managed centers accredited for training.   

  • Training Excellence

UDACEBA promotes medical tutors using the best teaching methodology in training new professionals. Research and innovation in teaching health centers are key elements to the training provided by UDACEBA Teaching Unit, both clinically and in the field of management and teaching.  

  • Exchanges in AP

UDACEBA is open to the world. Promotes exchanges with other primary care centers throughout Europe, hosting medical students and nurses. To this end, it also has a wide range of rural schools for training in this area.

UNITAT DOCENT D'ACEBA / Sardenya, 466 - 08025 Barcelona / Tel. 93 567 43 80 / udaceba@udaceba.cat