Teaching Committe

The Teaching Committee is the most important organ of the Teaching Unit, which performs the following functions:


- Organizing and running activities for residents.
- Supervising the practical training.
- Scheduling annual training programs under the Ministry of Education.
- Reporting on the proposal of the annual number of places.
- Completion of reports requested by the Ministry of Education.
- Preparation and approval of the annual report of training.

The Teaching Committees, chaired by the head teacher, are all represented in Primary  Health Center schools as part of the Teaching Unit (Teaching coordinators), representatives of the various training hospitals (hospital tutors), the residents (with a representative from each specialty and promotion), health coach, the president of the subcommittee nurse and a representative of the Autonomous Region in Teaching Unit.


The Teaching Committee meets six times a year in ordinary session.

Members, Committee on Teaching Unit UDACEBA:

- Dr. Albert Casasa Plana, head of studies at the Teaching Unit of TUACEBA.
- Dr. Sergio A. Herrera Mateo, guardian of the Hospital de Sant Pau.
- Dr. Anna Bullón Chia, tutor Hospital General de Vic.
- Dr. Jaume Sellarès Sallas, manager of the EAP Sardenya.
- Dr. Mariano de la Figuera, educational coordinator of EAP Sardenya.
-  Dr. Roger Codinachs Alsina, educational coordinator of EAP Remei.
-  Dr. Gemma  Férriz Villanueva, coordinator of EAP teaching Sagrada Familia.
- Dr. Silvia Zamora, teaching EAP coordinator Eixample-Dret.
- Dr. Carlos Brotons Cuixart, health expert.

- Dr. Angels Ballarín Brown, representative of the Autonomous Community
- Mrs . Araceli  Bergillos  Munoz, secretary of the Teaching Unit TUACEBA.

- Representatives (2014-2015)


Carlota Faci Moreno (R4)
Gemma Rovira Marcelino (R3)
Clara Madueño Garro (R2)
Helena Ferrer May (R1)


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