Nursing Subcommittee

The Sub-Committee is a collegial body of Nursing Teaching Unit UDACEBA, chaired by the President of the subcommittee coordinators and teachers of each nursing school, with the goal of planning training, monitoring its implementation and compliance with the targets set in the training program.


Members of the Nursing Teaching Subcommittee at TUACEBA:

- DUI Judith Vila Garcia, Subcommittee Chair of Nursing.
- DUI David Ginesta Lopez, coordinator of teaching EAP  Eixample-Dret.
- DUI Anna Blasi Codinach, teaching EAP coordinator Sagrada Familia.
- DUI Anna Soteras Prat, teaching EAP coordinator Sardenya.
- DUI Judit Canudas Canadell, teaching EAP coordinator Vic.

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