Executive Committee

The Steering Committee of the UDACEBA Teaching Unit is formed by different managers and administrators of schools of the Primary Teaching Unit.

It meets once a year ordinarily to approve annual budgets and close those of the previous year. It can also be called extraordinary on request of any member.


The Steering Committee comprises the following members:

- Manager: Dr. James Sellarès Sallas
- Sardenya EAP Director: Dr. James Sellarès Sallas
- EAP Director Vic:
Dr. Martha Serrarols Soldevilas
- Dos de Mayo Hospital Manager (Integrated Health Consortium):
Dr. Daniel Rodriguez Lopez

- EAP Director Roger de Flor: Dr. Xavier Joaniquet Suils
- Chief of Studies Teaching Unit: Dr. Albert Casasa Plana

UNITAT DOCENT D'ACEBA / Sardenya, 466 - 08025 Barcelona / Tel. 93 567 43 80 / udaceba@udaceba.cat