Assessment and Accreditation Committee

Assessment and Accreditation Committee   is the other main body of Teaching Units, together with the Teaching Committee. Its functions are:

- Accrediting schools and tutors according to criteria established by the Common Units of Teachers of Family and Community Medicine of Catalonia.

- Evaluating residents at the end of each year of residency.


Assessment and Accreditation Committee meet for the annual evaluation of residents and extraordinarily when assessing a resident outside the deadline.


The following members make up the Assessment and Accreditation Committee of the Teaching Unit UDACEBA:

- Dr. Albert Casasa Plana, head of studies at the Teaching Unit of UDACEBA.
- Dr. Sergio A. Herrera Mateo, guardian of the Hospital de Sant Pau.
- Dr. Anna Bullón Chia, tutor Hospital General de Vic.
- Dr. Jaume Sellarès Sallas, manager of the EAP Sardenya.
- Dr. Mariano de la Figuera, educational coordinator of EAP Sardenya.
- Dr. Roger Codinachs Alsina, educational coordinator of EAP Remei.
- Dr. Gemma  Férriz Villanueva, coordinator of EAP teaching Sagrada Familia.
- Dr. Silvia Zamora, teaching EAP coordinator Eixample-Dret.
- Dr. Carlos Brotons Cuixart, health expert.

- Dr. Angels Ballarín Brown, representative of the Autonomous Community

At the end of each year of residence, the mentor will join the Committee to assess the resident.

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