External rotations / Optional rotations

Optional rotations
The optional rotations are usually made in the second year of residence and in centers and services belonging to the teaching unit but whose rotations are not part of the Specialty Program.
Nursing residents may also choose from the following optional rotations:
SEM (Medical Emergence System). The rotation time is 1 month.
Servei d'Al·lèrgia of Fundació Sanitària Sant Pere Claver. The duration of the rotation can be 15 days or 1 month.
For the realization, the resident must contact the center or service that interests him and request it directly or consult with the secretariat of the teaching unit.


There will be no optional rotation of three mesos of residence.
Optional/external rotations can be distributed in the following manner: 
- 1 month of external rotation, or
- 1 month of optional rotation
If you elect not to perform elective or external rotation, this month will be rotated by the Primary Care Center.



External rotations  


Family Care Nursing and Community Resident, in accordance with the Fellowship, can perform external rotations not foreseen in the Training Program or foreign national centers.


External rotations are those formative periods authorized by the competent body of the Autonomous Community, in the case of Catalonia, IES (Institut d'Estudis de la Salut) that are not included in the program.


Authorization external rotation requires compliance with various requirements, according to the RD 183/2008 of 8 February, which are determined and classified the specialties in Health Sciences and certain aspects of health training system developed speciality:


a) To be proposed by the tutor to the teaching committee specifying the objectives sought, which must relate to the expansion of knowledge or learning techniques not practiced in the center or unit and, according to the training program, they are necessary or complementary thereof. 


b) It is preferably to be carried out in accredited centers for teaching or prestigious foreign or national centers. 


c) In the specialities whose duration is four or more years may not exceed four continuous months within each annual assessment period, or 12 months throughout the formative period of the speciality concerned. 


In the fields with a duration of one, two or three years, the rotation period may not exceed two, four or seven months, respectively, throughout the formative period of the speciality concerned. 


d) The center management origin expressly agrees to continue paying the resident full pay, including those arising from the continuing care that you make during external rotation.  


e) That the teaching commission expressly stated target compliance, for which purpose the educational possibilities of the device where the rotation is performed are taken into account.  


f) No external rotation of any specialty will be authorized in the last three months prior to the end of specialized health training.


The center where the external ROTATION has been done has to issue the avaluation report following the same parameters as in the internal rotations planned in the teaching program, and it is the responsibility of the resident to send the report to the Secretary of the Teaching Commission of origin to be evaluated within the stated deadline.


External rotations which are authorised and assessed in accordance with the stipulations provided in this article have also to be taken into account in the annual training and evaluation must be enrolled in the book of resident.  


If a nurse resident is interested in an external rotation, you should contact the target center to authorize him to stay on the proposed dates and request a rotation program that he or she will perform. 


Once you have the documentation (letter of acceptance and program), the Secretariat will deliver to the Teaching Unit with documents annexed and acceptance of conditions backfilled.



Documentation to be sent by the resident doctor to the Teaching Unit

  • Form of the Institut d'Estudis de la Salut correctly completed (Forms: Annexed and acceptance of conditions).
  • Acceptance of the destination center.
  • Acceptance of the resident that the conditions of his stay (transportation, accommodation...) are at his expense (Form).
  • Acceptance of the resident to apply for health insurance, accidents, repatriation, etc.
  • Acceptance of the resident's guardian, in relation to the attainment, so far, of the resident's training objectives (Annex 2). 


Documentation to be sent by the resident to the Teaching Unit at the end of their stay

  • Report of activities developed during the rotation
  • Resident's certificate of stay in the center / service.
  • Evaluation sheet of the completed rotation of the resident's manager during the stay at the receiving center or service.
  • Rotation assessment sheet completed by the resident.
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